Get strong, well-defined arms with cable pushdown

Do you want to get well-defined arms? Here is an introductory exercise that you can start off with to train the muscles in your biceps, triceps and forearms. The cable pushdown is done with the cable pulley machine the one with the weights, ropes and pulleys. This exercise can either be done with a horizontal bar or a rope handle, but the movement remains similar.

It is important you perform the exercise correctly to get the maximum benefit out of it. Stand upright while facing the machine and pull the bar down until your forearm is completely parallel to the ground and repeat this movement. If you're using a rope handle, bring your wrists back, until your arms are completely straight. Make sure your elbows remain steady while doing this exercise. Be in control of the motion and ensure that you're not lifting with a jerking motion or breaking your form because this could damage your elbows. Looking at your form and posture in the mirror while performing the exercise may help. In this video, Kaizzad Capadia, Master fitness trainer and co-founder of K11 Fitness Academy, shows the correct way to perform cable pushdown. You can sculpt your shoulders, back and arms with chin-up. Not only does he show you the right form and technique but he also explains how to position your hands and what mistakes you can avoid. Breathing and having the correct grip are two of the important things that will help you do this exercise properly and give the desired results.

Weights, sets and reps: If it's your first time, put the weights stack at around 30 pounds (you can lower it even further if that's what you are comfortable with) and do three sets of 15 reps each (15 3).

Image & vide source: TheHealthSite/YouTube


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