Get rid of your double chin with face yoga

The trouble with a chubby face is that you cannot conceal it much. Though some make-up techniques can help, it is more or less visible unless you lose weight. Double chin is a common problem which is often difficult to get rid of. But facial exercises in face yoga can help tone the muscles in the face which makes it look more sharp and you also lose your chubby, double chin. Here is one face yoga technique you should incorporate in your daily routine. It barely takes a few seconds to master and perform but with regular efforts, you are bound to see a change in your face -- a perfectly toned jawline without the baby fat around your chin. Also try these other face yoga exercises to lose weight from your face.


  • Sit in a comfortable position and relax your shoulders.
  • Now lift your chin up and then turn your head to the right keeping your face in the upward direction.
  • Pucker your lips together and feel the stretch in your neck and jawline on the right side.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and then do the same thing on the left side.
  • Next, look upwards and repeat the pose.
  • Relax and come back to the starting position.
  • Breathe normally throughout the exercise, do not hold your breath.

You can do this pose multiple times in a day to see quicker results. Did you know face yoga could help get rid of dark circles?

Image source: Getty Images

Video source: faceyogamethod/YouTube

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