Dietary sources of calcium for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians

We all count the calories in our food. But have you ever thought of calculating the amount of calcium and vitamin D in your diet? Calcium and vitamin requirements differ according to one's age and health. Adolescent girls need more calcium than others. Find out whether you know all about calcium by taking this quiz.

Low calcium and vitamin D intake can lead to weak bones and at times even osteoporosis. We think that a glass of milk is enough for calcium. But what about Vitamin D which is needed to absorb calcium? Does your diet provide you with enough calcium and Vitamin D? What about vegans who don't even drink milk? What about those who don't get enough sun, which is needed to make Vitamin D?

We took these doubts to Niti Desai, consultant nutritionist at Cumbala Hill Hospital. Watch this video to know exactly what you can eat and whether you also need calcium supplements along with the right diet. Diary products, pulses, oily fish and ragi/nachni chapati are some of the natural sources of calcium. She also talks about calcium requirement for pregnant women, menopausal women, adolescent girls and children. If you have any queries, post it in the comments below.

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