Build stronger back with bent over barbell row

If you want to build your back, you must try this exercise. The bent over barbell row works several muscle groups leading to improved muscular endurance and strength. It is the best bodybuilding move for maximising the overall upper body strength and packing on size to your back muscles. It works the lats which are the biggest muscle in the upper body. They are one of the best exercises for the deltoids the often neglected area of the shoulders. You would be working many muscles which mean that you will burn many calories. If you want to get rid of the back bulge, these back exercises will help you lose weight.

The bent over barbell row requires strength from your hands all the way to your feet. You should keep your feet, legs, hips and core stable throughout the exercise.

However, the activity is also associated with a higher risk of injury as compared to cable and dumbbell rows. You may fail to stabilise your core throughout the set if you are performing the exercise incorrectly. Always keep your core tight while performing the barbell row to reduce the risk of lower back injury. Also, control the weight throughout the exercise. Do not let the barbell drop quickly and keep the bar in the correct position. In this video, Master fitness trainer Kaizzad Capadia, who is also the co-founder of K11 Fitness Academy, demonstrates the right way to perform bent over barbell row. Also, try these 5 exercises to strengthen your lower back.

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