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ALERT: Are You A Smoker? You May Contract Covid-19 At A 80% Higher Rate, Watch Video

Written by Mini Dewan |Updated : September 30, 2021 9:31 AM IST

Smoking And Covid 19 : If you are someone who is addicted to smoking then there are chances that you may contract corona virus at an 80 percent higher rate. Tobacco consumption is mainly known for it's risk factor for many respiratory infections and we know how harmful it is for our lungs, heart and other organs of our body. It contains harmful substances like nicotine and carbon monoxide that severely damages not just our lungs but our entire body thereby causing smokers to be more prone towards contracting corona virus and it's severity. In this video we have explained how injurious smoking can be and how taking medical help can reduce the addiction and keep smokers safe from contracting it. Watch video.

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