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Did you know 40 million girls in India miss school during periods? #GiveHer5 days back!

Published by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Updated : March 7, 2017 1:16 PM IST

Periods -- We have spoken a lot about it time and again. Be it busting the common myths about menstruation or taking a stand and not associating periods with a 'Problem' (as most people think of) or as a taboo, urban women have come a long way. However, the same is not true, especially in rural areas, where till date, girls have to miss out school because of periods. Did you know that over 40 million girls in India miss 5 days of school every month as they cannot afford sanitary napkins? It's not just 5 days in a month, if you consider a year, it accounts to 2 months in a year. And according to studies, 1 in every 5 girls in India is forced to drop out of school just because she misses 5 days every month, which is quite alarming!

However, this International Women's Day, you can do your bit to help these underprivileged girls by giving them those five days back with #GiveHer5 Campaign of Saafkins. #GiveHer5 is a social movement conceived by L&K Saatchi and Saatchi to draw attention to the 5 days over 350 million girls in India (nearly 80% of the country) miss every month, just because of their periods. This campaign helps give her 5 of 'those' days back, so she never misses out on school, her dreams, or her life. All it takes is 150 rupees. The campaign was launched on 5th March, which seeks to crowdsource funds to give her Saafkins - the world's first reusable, 12-hour menstrual protection.

Mr. Ashok Kurien, Founder and Executive Trustee The Ammada Trust, said, "80% of Indian women cannot afford sanitary napkins so they use unhygienic cloth. 20% of girls drop out, or miss 5 days of school every month.The Saafkins were invented to put these millions of underprivileged girls back in school and help them complete their education. A Unique World Class Technology Product for just Rs.12 a month! We owe this to our girls!" Also read about is it good to use cloth pads made with old saris or towels?

Do your bit so that periods don't stop girls ever again from attending school, be educated and literate. Pledge your support and #GiveHer5 of 'those' days back. For more information, visit the website:

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