1 reason that will stop you from 'going to the gym'- Baba Sehgal

Matter hai neeji

Mobile me 3G

Weight 90 Kg

I am going cra-jy...

Going to the gym? Then go to the gym!

Going to the gym is quite a task for many us! There are several struggles that every Indian faces while losing weight . We need some motivation to keep us going and the 'gyan' that we get from people, just like us, can be demotivating. However, if you try and succeed at sticking to your weight loss regime and manage to get rid of a few kilos, there is still that one thing that will squeeze out all your enthusiasm about going to the gym and THIS IS IT! Watch the video at your own risk!

Rajma ke baad

thoda aa jata hai fart

I know baby

It's heavy on your heart...

I hope you have been demotivated and have given up on going to the gym! *pun intended*

Image & video source: Baba Sehgal/

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