Does the Ayurveda principle of healing from within work for COVID-19?

Published by Editorial Team |Updated : April 14, 2021 6:45 PM IST

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal science that has been practiced in India for at least 5,000 years. Today, this natural system of medicine is gaining popularity across the globe. Ayurveda focuses on the basic principle of healing the body from inside instead of treating the condition. Does this principle apply to COVID -19 as well? In response to this question, Dr.Pratap Chauhan, Founding Director of Jiva Ayurveda, said, "Though COVID-19 is a new disease, pandemics or epidemics are not new to Ayurveda. When it comes to the core principle of how to deal with a pandemic, it has already been described in detail in Ayurveda." He further elaborated on the root cause of the diseases as per Ayurveda and how Ayurvedic medicines can help in fight against Covid-19. Click the video above to watch the conversation with TheHealthSite.

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