World Haemophilia Day -- why men are likely to have this bleeding disorder

April 17 is World Haemophilia Day.

Haemophilia is a rare disorder that affects one in 5000 men in India. A bleeding disorder, it prolongs the time the blood takes to clot. Many would not even realise that they have this disorder as it is not necessary that one has to have external bleeding to figure it out. Many a times, a person can have internal bleeding without any pain. But this does not mean it doesn't have any repercussions. A person suffering from haemophilia can have damaged internal organs if the blood does not clot in time. It can also lead to other health problems including brain damage and death. Read this haemophilic's journey to fatherhood.

In order to learn why this happens, why men are likely to suffer from it, how does one have this disorder and what can one do to treat it -- watch this short, animated clip. The video explains all you need to know about haemophilia in a simple manner. A lot of it depends on your genetic make-up. Watch and learn how it happens. Also read - treatment of haemophilia.

Image source: Shutterstock

Video source: Bailey Townsend/YouTube

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