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Women's Day 2015: Why #IndiasDaughters can't #MakeItHappen!

Written by Poorva Chavan |Updated : March 6, 2015 2:24 PM IST

Women are jacks of all trades. They fiercely and independently manage work, home and their personal life. Even though women have reached pinnacles in all aspects of life and have left no stone unturned in achieving what they want, they still get to hear things in their day-to-day lives that make them think twice about their choices.

For 'India's Daughter' the BBC documentary on Nirbhaya rape case, the main accused for the rape was interviewed. His opinion, after committing this horrendous crime, of the girl being at fault is quite shocking but no different than the average Indian male psyche. Our politicians and lawmakers have. time and again. blamed the woman for sexual crimes against them. Wearing short clothes, going out at night, eating western food are just a few of these pitiful remarks that have been made.

On the occasion of International Women's Day on 8th March, we at TheHealthsite, asked a few real women on why they thought they don't have what they want to #MakeItHappen! Their reasons will prove it to you why these crimes in India are glorified.

Watch the video which tells the story of every woman in society and don't feel sorry for them because these are just little hindrances that cannot stop women from making it 'happen.'

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