Simple ways to prevent tuberculosis

Tuberculosis or TB is a highly infectious disease of the lungs which is caused by a bacterium, mycobacterium tuberculosis. Despite advances in the medical treatment and efforts to control the disease, there has been a significant rise in the mortality from the past few years. Although poor hygiene and widespread poverty are some key reasons, the new drug-resistant forms of TB are making the current scenario worse. In this video, we tell you about some interesting facts about tuberculosis and few simple yet effective tips to prevent this disease. Here are complications of tuberculosis you should know about.

The video explains in detail about different types of tuberculosis namely -- primary tuberculosis and secondary tuberculosis and the body parts they affect. TB can be prevented by taking good care of your health such as eating nutritious foods (mainly those antioxidants), exercising regularly, staying way from stress and adequate sleep. Apart from this, fresh air and sunlight plays a vital role in the prevention of TB. Watch this video to know more about how to treat and prevent this condition. Read more about drug resistant tuberculosis causes, types, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and management

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Video Source: TheHealthSite/YouTube

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