Watch to find out why this guy feels bad for your breasts

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Imagine this. You wake up one morning, and your breasts are gone. Not that it is going to happen but doesn't the thought of losing your breasts freak you out? Women, whether you agree or not, your breasts are something you are really proud of, and losing your breasts to cancer is certainly something you would never want. Still, we ignore them. Start taking care of them, especially if you are above 30 years of age. To spread awareness, we asked a few people to touch and feel a pair of (fake) breasts, to see how comfortable people are with the subject. The results will make you roll on the floor with laughter. Check it out here.

You do everything you can to stay healthy and fit, but are you doing enough for your breasts? There are so many reasons, genetic and lifestyle, that can cause breast cancer. You can't prevent it but if detected early, you can certainly lead a better and healthy life. This guy, in the video, tells you exactly why he feels bad for your breasts. Before you jump to any conclusion, we urge you to watch the video once. Do not forget to hit like and subscribe to the channel and share.

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