Watch this video to know why Indians have weak bones

In this video, we asked a few people if they think that their bones are strong. It's shocking to see the number of people, not only middle-aged and older women but also teenagers, who never give it a thought or admit how lazy or forgetful they are!

You think you have strong bones? Well, think twice. Do you have four glasses of milk every day? Is your diet a balance of green leafy vegetables, fish and dairy products? Or do you take calcium supplements? Chances are, you aren't getting enough calcium, which amounts to weak bones. Most of our body aches and pain during everyday activities like bending may be due to weak bones. If you are not careful, it may even lead to a condition called osteoporosis. A lot of people, maybe you too, have tons of excuses when asked about why they don't do anything to make their bones stronger. What you really need is to skip your #AajKaBahana for not taking your dose of calcium or vitamin D.

Watch the video, share it and also subscribe to our YouTube channel and tell us what your #AajKaBahana is! Make sure you start caring for your bones right away.

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