Clubfoot surgery helped a little girl take her first steps

Like every other parent, 9-year-old Kajal's parents also wished she led a normal life. Kajal was born with clubfoot, a deformed foot that is twisted so that the sole cannot be placed flat on the ground. According to a study[1], clubfoot is one of the most common congenital orthopedic abnormalities. It still continues to challenge the skills of the pediatric orthopedic surgeon as it has a tendency to relapse, irrespective of whether the foot is treated by conservative or operative means. According to another study[2], approximately 25% of all patients with isolated clubfoot report a positive family history of clubfoot. Here are 5 things you should know about hand, mouth and foot diseases.

9-year-old Kajal's father, who also had a deformed foot since birth, is a gardener who earns Rs. 57 per day and cannot afford to get his daughter operated. Her parents are constantly worried about their daughter's future. That's when they found FirstStep, a non-profit organization that helps kids crippled with clubfoot get a free surgery and lead a normal life. 'Clubfoot is such a treatable condition,' says Dr Mathew Varghese, head of orthopedic surgery, St. Stephen's hospital. Watch this video and share it with everyone you know to spread awareness. Read: Doctors told this woman to abort her baby, what happened next will blow your mind.

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