The right diet to manage PCOS

The right diet to manage PCOS

Published by Tania Tarafdar |Published : October 7, 2016 6:12 PM IST

Suffering from PCOD (polycystic ovarian diseases) or PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is painful. Painful, irregular periods, weight gain, acne and inability to conceive can be very depressing. While medical attention is needed to deal with this condition, some people resort to tweaking their diet. Well-known nutritionist Khyati Rupani, too, managed her condition with her diet. Khyati Rupani, founder of www.balancenutrition.in, is not just a diet and nutrition expert, but has also lost more than 30 kgs when she was suffering from the condition. In this video, Khyati shares tips on how you can manage PCOD with your diet.

One should understand that the condition is due to hormonal imbalance, and a lot of lifestyle changes along with medical help is needed to address the situation. Avoiding junk food and reducing weight are the first step in controlling this hormonal disorder as obesity is also seen in most women suffering from the same. Having a balanced diet also is a part of the lifestyle modification which can help in restoring the hormonal imbalances. Anything that comes out of a packet has preservatives. Nowadays people consciously try to eat healthy, but little do we realise that even something as seemingly harmless as bread is unhealthy. Eating only healthy and saying no to foods you love is not possible. What is important is to eat in moderation and be active enough.To improve PCOD, the diet should be low in carbohydrates, and you should completely do away with processed and white carbs. Stick to whole grains and millet in limited portions.You should eat at least 25-30g of fibre every day. Eat more vegetables, fresh fruits and beans. Find out how homoeopathy helps in treating PCOD. Watch the video for more such tips. Video & Image source: TheHealthSite/YouTube

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