Malaria -- symptoms, prevention, treatment tips by WHO

Malaria is a preventable and curable disease yet several die of it every year. Here's what you should know about the disease.

Malaria -- symptoms, prevention, treatment tips by WHO

Published by Kriti Saraswat |Published : April 23, 2015 7:03 PM IST

Did you know almost half of the world's population is at risk of malaria? According to WHO, this disease has claimed over 5,80,000 lives and in order to bring down this number, we need to take a few preventive measures.

This video highlights the common symptoms one has when infected by malaria and also tells you how to curb it with the right medication and prevention tips. Using an insecticide-treated bednet is one of them. Find out if you are at risk of malaria here.

The disease which is caused by mosquitoes often affects children as their immunity is low. Even pregnant women are at risk of contracting malaria. If any of your family member is expecting or a child, make sure they take extra precautions. Know if you have malaria with these 6 symptoms.

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Video source: World Health Organization (WHO)/YouTube

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