How to build your child's immunity

Dr Vijay Yewale, a consultant paediatrician and neonatologist explains how to build your child s immunity. He explains that fever, cough and cold are normal things and shouldn t alarm parents.

What is an allergy?

Allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder in which the body s immune system reacts to normally harmless substances in the environment. These substances which trigger an allergic reaction in the body are called allergens. Allergy can be caused by anything such as egg, wheat, peanuts, milk, drugs, house dust mites, unhygienic places, cold, rain and even dust. Food allergies are reactions towards certain food components. The most common allergens in foods are proteins. When the allergic reaction is due to a drug, it is said to be a drug allergy. They are most commonly seen with antibiotics followed by anti-tumour drugs.

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