DO THIS when you see someone smoke

There is too much pollution already! Say No to passive smoking.

DO THIS when you see someone smoke

Published by Tania Tarafdar |Published : May 31, 2020 5:35 PM IST

A person who smokes is not the most popular person. Don't believe us? Ask a non-smoker how it feels when somebody next to them lights up. It is incredibly difficult to stand next to someone who is smoking. And, the worst part is not being able to tell the person who is smoking to move away. Second-hand smoke is suffocating and just as dangerous. If there's anything that has been stopping you from doing so, you must take some inspiration from this video. Watch this woman getting all mad at this guy who has been smoking near her. Not only does she force him to throw the cigarette away but makes him aware of the health hazards of smoking. If you have guts like her, we challenge you to do it the next time you see a person light up at a public place.

Some people are just not aware of the harmful effects of smoking. It is an addiction and even if you do know about the dangers, it is difficult to quit. Some of the common excuses people use not to give up smoking include tiredness, fatigue, overnight jobs, stress, loneliness or even taste of a cigarette along with a cup of tea or coffee. Some also believe that it aids in bowel movement. If you are a smoker too, and quitting smoking is one of the resolutions that you've made for the upcoming year, we wish you all the best and give you some information on the developments that have happened in the recent past. Surely, it's easier now than it was years ago with vaping, yoga and even certain foods.

Image and video source: TheHealthSite/YouTube

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