Did you know belly fat can give you a heart attack! (Video)

Did you know belly fat can give you a heart attack! (Video)

Published by Pavitra Sampath |Updated : November 6, 2015 12:27 PM IST

Belly fat or abdominal fat is one of the worst kinds of fat for your heart. Belly fat releases certain compounds that mimic hormones. These compounds have a grave effect on your heart and have also been known to lead to a number of ailments like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol levels and even cancer. While we know that belly fat is really harmful, Dr Mahesh Shah, interventional cardiologist tells us that it poses more health hazards than we realise.

According to Dr Mahesh, belly fat is especially dangerous for Indians as we are generally at a higher risk of suffering from heart diseases as compared to our European counterparts.

But that's not all, Dr Mahesh also talks about 'fat thin Indians', a phenomenon that is particularly dangerous for people in our country. Due to the kind of food we eat and our progressively sedentary lifestyle, being thin can also put us at a significant risk of heart disease. Why, you ask -- that is because even though a person may look thin, he/she may have belly fat, making the situation even worse for them, since they don't pay much attention to it. You may also like to read why Indians are more prone to heart attacks and how can we prevent it

Therefore, the only way that remains is to eat healthy and exercise in order to stay healthy. Here's a video with Dr Mahesh Shah where he explains all these issues in detail.

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