Control your anger with Osho's simple trick

Control your anger with Osho's simple trick

Published by Sameer Jha |Updated : January 6, 2015 3:46 PM IST

In this video, Osho gives a great life-lesson about keeping our anger in check. He narrates a story about George Gurdjieff.

He says, 'Gurdjieff's father was dying. His last words to Gurdjieff were immensely significant. Perhaps, no father has ever advised his son with such a great insight. And Gurdjieff was only 9 years old. So, the father said, 'I know you may not be able to understand right now what I am saying but I have no more time. I have to say it now. But you have time just remember the words! Whenever, you have maturity enough to understand what those words mean then act on those words. But don't forget remember, a simple sentence it is. He told Gurdjieff to repeat three times the sentence so he can die peacefully. 'Forgive me, because I am not leaving any inheritance for you except this sentence.' And what was the sentence?'

Watch the video to find out. Read about how anger is bad for your health.

Image source: Getty Images

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