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Cardiac Arrest Vs Heart Attack: Everything You Need To Know

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Published : June 21, 2022 9:22 PM IST

Understanding that a healthy lifestyle is not visible and limited to what we look at from the outside is essential. Ironically, heart disease is reaching youngsters, and many young patients of 30-40 years are coming to us who have suffered heart attacks. The real reason behind this is that youngsters are more ambitious during this age, and of that, they are missing out on their physical or mental health and putting themselves at risk of heart ailments. In addition, this excessive stressful life leads to hormonal surges in the body, which is detrimental to heart cells and further leads to heart attacks and mortalities due to heart diseases. Smoking, drinking, and lack of sleep are the additional factors to catalyse the same.

We are losing many young talents and people due to heart ailments; therefore, looking for its prevention is imperative. The first and foremost prevention is the screening beyond the age of 40, an annual cardiac checkup and comprehensive screening test including blood sugar, cholesterol, lipid profiles, blood tests and good stress tests.

(With inputs from Vice Chairman - Interventional Cardiology, Heart Institute, Dr Rajneesh Kapoor, Medanta Hospital, Gurugram)

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