Can diabetics eat mangoes?

Can diabetics have mangoes

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I am a diabetic and feel like eating mangoes. Can I do that? And how much is safe?

Mangoes are a well loved fruit. Sweet and juicy there are numerous varieties of the fruit that you can pick from. But while most people enjoy the fruit, there are some who shun it for the amount of sugar it contains. This rule is normally enforced on people suffering from diabetes. But is the restriction really required? Well, According to Neha Chandna, dietician, 'A diabetic need not avoid mangoes completely. Afterall the fruit contains various important minerals and vitamins that are important for one's health. Packed with vitamin A, minerals and fiber, mangoes should be eaten purely for their health benefits. The only thing a diabetic should remember is that moderation is the key. Being a diabetic you can choose to have one small mango in the morning or mid morning without much contemplation.'

According to Dr Harish Chandra, if a diabetic cannot avoid eating mangoes, he/she must make sure they do not eat more than 50g of the fruit after their meal. As a precaution, they must remember to exercise regularly, and remain stress free. This will help keep their blood sugar levels in control and keep them healthy.' Apart from this you must remember that some fruits like mangoes and bananas have a glycaemic index above 50, which makes them quick to release sugars and can cause your sugar levels to rise. In a statement to Times of India, Dr Ajay Kumar, diabetologist, said, 'Mangoes and bananas have glycemic index above 50. So it's better to avoid them, instead diabetics could opt for other fruits like sweet lime and oranges.'

Dr Maria Collazo-Clavell, M.D, a doctor at the Mayo Clinic, says that it is a common myth that diabetics should avoid fruits that are sweet as they can affect a diabetic adversely. But while some fruits do contain more sugar than others, it is the total amount of carbohydrates that affects one's blood sugar levels and not the source of the carbohydrates, i.e. whether the source is starch or sugar. She recommends that a diabetic can have up to 83g of the fruit without affecting their health adversely {1}.

You can also choose to have fruits like apples, berries, papaya, peach, amla, cherries and citrus fruits, since they all have a low glycaemic index and will help keep your blood sugar levels in check.

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