Breastfeeding Week: Here Are Some Effective Tips To Deal With Sagging Breast, Watch Video

Published by Sakshi Pandey |Updated : August 2, 2022 11:17 AM IST

Breastfeeding Week: Breasts are the most precious part of a woman's body as it enhances one's personality. Talking about breastfeeding then it is very crucial for infants as it has lots of health benefits. Breastfeeding balances the baby's belly as it is easily digestible, and it boosts the baby's immune system. There are many females who are suffering from sagging breasts and want a solution for it. If you are also suffering from sagging breasts then this video is for you. As in this video, our doctor Dr. Glossy Sabhar, Senior Consultant, Radiology will tell you some tips to deal with sagging breasts.

Causes Of Sagging Breasts:

If we talk about the cause of sagging breasts then it includes extreme weight loss, menopause, smoking and multiple pregnancies.

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