Try this 'hair manual' for curly hair

Natural curls look absolutely beautiful but its maintenance is not half as easy! They turn dry, frizzy and absolutely unmanageable at times! However to spare yourself from such a situation, there are some 'curly hair rules' you should abide by. Understand the condition of your hair and give them all the attention they need.

In this video, it's very well explained what every girl with curly hair must look out for - the more moisture, the better! Routine deep conditioning is a must! It needs the required cleansing and nourishment to maintain its natural, glossy texture. Also, invest in a good leave-in conditioner or make them all by your own.

Where styling your hair is concerned, don't tie or twist your hair. This would cause your hair to roughen and even lead to breakage. Another handy tip - don't use towels to dry your hair, an old cotton T-shirt, or a soft silk scarf would work just fine. This way, your hair is not subjected to frizz and breakage. It is so much more relieving and keeps you away from common hair problems as well. So use up these handful of tips to your benefit! Try these 5 on-the-go hairstyle for curly hair.

Video source: Shameless Maya/YouTube

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