The most effective treatment options for balding

Balding which was once associated with only men in their 40s is now a common problem with both men and women, even in their 20s. While it is more prominent in men, women too have been its victims. There are many hair restoration treatments available in the market today, but one needs to be careful about which one they opt for. The procedure needs to be genuine and reliable so that you do not suffer later. A bad hair transplant can worsen your condition. It is vital to learn about the treatment you plan to undergo in depth. In this video, well-known trichologist Dr Apoorva Shahexplains hair restoration process in detail.

There are different types of transplants. Here are top 10 reasons why you may be losing hair.

Hair transplant-- In a hair transplant, grafts are removed from the back of the head and placed in areas where there is no hair or thinning is noticed.

Scalp reduction-- In scalp reduction surgery, the bald patches are cut off, and the rest of the scalp is sewed back together. This makes one's head look full of hair once again, but it can leave a scar running down the middle of your head and also the skin stretches.

Rotational flap surgery-- This is an old method of concealing hair loss. In rotational flap surgery, the tissues at the back of one's head are rotated so that they come back to the front of the head which immediately gives an impression of a full head of hair.

Tissue expansion-- In tissue expansion, tissue expanders put under the skin where hair growth is maximum. This area is then inflated with saline water for a few weeks which stretches this skin and increases the hair-bearing area. Here are some causes of male pattern baldness.

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