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Post pregnancy hair loss: Tips and treatments from expert trichologist, Dr Apoorva Shah (Watch video)

Written by Shaloo Tiwari |Updated : January 9, 2018 5:38 PM IST

New moms, if you must be going through a lot of changes both physically and mentally after post-pregnancy, and these changes are natural. But post-pregnancy hair loss is probably one of the worst things that happen after you have a baby. However, according to expert trichologist Dr Apoorva Shah you must not be worried about the hair loss because it is a natural process, he goes on to say, 'During pregnancy, a woman will have amazing hair on earth due to increased estrogen level, the female hormone, during pregnancy. In fact, it is at its peak during pregnancy. Post pregnancy there is a strong dip in the estrogen level which in turn causes a post-partum hair loss that starts three months after the pregnancy and can go on until almost two years of pregnancy.'

Post-pregnancy hair loss sometimes can be combatted by a mere improvement in the diet or a few supplements but many a time in extreme cases you also need a few treatments done to stop excessive hair loss and help regrow hair.

According to Dr Apoorva, here are the steps you must take when you are experiencing extreme hair loss post-pregnancy.

1. Consult a trichologist. Do not delay in visiting an expert if you think things are going out of hand

2. Get the hair analysis done. This will reveal a lot about your hairs condition and its requirements.

3. Only based on the reports you must opt for the appropriate treatment for you

The treatment that available in India to can treat post-pregnancy hair loss, that Dr Apoorva Shah suggests is the manual lymph drainage also called the TST treatment. This treatment from Austria if done along with taking an internal supplement which has minerals and vitamins in a combination. This treatment should also be accompanied by ample water and great hair foods like milk, palak, almonds, etc. For women even suffering from extreme hair loss post pregnancy this treatment can work wonders for her.

Watch Dr Apoorva Shah talking about this treatment in the video below.

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