Men, are you up for some natural looking make-up?

Stocking up make-up kits and the fascination of looking glamourous has always been a 'girl thing.' Only until now!

Men can count on make-up to enhance their features or simply hide some dark spots too. This can get tricky, so as to not look too caked-up. The idea is to be light with the application so the make-up blends in naturally with the skin tone. This video provides a quick glimpse into the world of make-up for men. These tips would prove beneficial if you are keen on a photoshoot or are going to get clicked at an event. You certainly don't need a make-up artist to fix your look, if you get the basics right. Don't hesitate to get started and look your polished-best! Here is how you can look great in pictures.

Image source: Getty Images

Video source: MensSkincareWithRoss

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