Manage oily skin with these face packs (Video)

Oily skin can be difficult to manage considering it looks shiny and sweaty at times. How often can you powder your face? Moreover, not everyone likes using cosmetics. But you can certainly control the oil with the help of a few natural face packs.

People who have oily skin are also prone to other problems such as pimples which then leave an acne mark. The excess oil clogs pores and this results in unhealthy-looking skin. But if you wish to reduce the oiliness of your skin a tad, you can make use of a few face packs shown in this video. These face packs are all natural and are made using citrus fruits which are easily available. All you have to do is apply it for a few minutes on your skin and then wash off with water. This will make sure that your skin has a good glow in it too.

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