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7 Unusual Signs of COVID Heart: Doctors Explains How Dangerously Coronavirus Impacts The Heart

Published by Satata Karmakar |Published : April 4, 2023 11:20 AM IST

COVID-19 Affects On The Heart: How much do you know about the deadly coronavirus which is wreaking havoc globally since late 2019? The virus which is known to be a severe respiratory disease-causing agent, can do a lot more harm to your body than you think. Yes, you read that right! COVID not only affects the lungs but also leaves serious issues for the heart to deal with. According to experts, studies have shown that after entering the heart of a human body, COVID has increased the patient's chances of suffering from stroke, heart failure, and even heart attack. To understand how this happens and what COVID does inside the heart to make it prone to such severe health complications, we spoke to Dr Thangaraj Paul Ramesh, Senior consultant Cardiothoracic, Heart And Lung Transplant Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, Chennai, Adjunct. Watch the video to know everything.

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