Are you feeling low? Try deep breathing

Published by TheHealthSite.com |Published : July 10, 2019 6:30 PM IST

Deep breathing or pranayama is the very foundation of yoga practice. This helps you to take in enough oxygen for the body and also to retain it. A research in Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience found links between deep breathing and general well-being. The study revealed that breathing deeply and properly has a direct effect on our brains, which enhances its health and improves our body's health.

Helps to relax and beat stress

When you breathe properly and deeply, your body is supplied with a wave of oxygen. This helps your mind think and cognate better. It also relaxes your muscles and fights stress-related damage to your body.

Releases toxins

Your body can effectively get rid of toxins just by breathing properly. When you exhale, you release up to 70 per cent of the toxins in your body. So, not breathing properly can reduce the efficiency of flushing out these toxins.

Gives a more intense orgasm

You can sometimes forget to breathe when your body tenses up during an orgasm. But when you breathe deeply, you supply more blood to your penis or clitoris and vagina. This, in turn, makes your orgasm more powerful and it also lasts longer.

Uplift your mood

When your brain gets enough oxygen, it makes you calmer and more poised. This can help you face any problems you might have. Apart from that, a clear and calm mind aids in the release of serotonin the happy hormone.

Numbs out pain

Breathing deeply helps to increase circulation in the affected area. This helps in relaxing your mind and body. This can also reduce painful sensations and help in faster healing.

Improves quality of blood

Your blood cells are the main carriers of oxygen to various parts of your body. When you breathe in deeply, it increases the oxygen content in the body and makes it healthier. The production of healthy red blood cells also depends on the amount of oxygen in your body.

Makes you look better

This kind of breathing increases the amount of oxygen your skin gets and increases blood flow to the area. Moreover, it stimulates the production of collagen and makes you look healthier. It also slows down the process of ageing and gives you a younger appearance.

Increases stamina

Physical activity can make you breathless. Deep breathing increases the amount of oxygen you breathe in and this increases your stamina.

Makes your heart healthier

Deep breathing reduces the amount of work your heart has to do to circulate blood. It also leads to greater pressure differential in the lungs that helps in better circulation. This gives your heart a little rest and makes it stronger.

Prevents respiratory illnesses

Deep breathing is like a workout for your lungs. Your body learns to hold more oxygen and work more efficiently. This helps in preventing and relieving conditions like sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, colds and chest congestion.

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