Yoga For Wellness

Today, when almost everyone is suffering from some form of ailment, yoga is an effective way to deal with your problems. Yogic meditation allows the mind and body to slow down, controls heart rate and breathing, and relaxes the mind.

Yoga poses for a strong immune system

Yoga therapy for lung diseases 

Yoga for a healthy liver

Yoga asanas to relieve cervical disc prolapse

Yoga asanas to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics 

Yoga to deal with asthma and chest congestion

 Yoga poses to help beat addiction

Yoga to treat eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia

Yoga to relieve constipation 

Yoga for arthritic knee pain

Yoga to help you beat stress

Yoga to improve eyesight

Yoga for better digestion

Yoga asanas to bust your headache

Yoga asanas to relieve sinusitis 

5 yoga poses to increase your concentration

Yoga to relieve the symptoms of cervical spondylitis

Yoga to beat respiratory disorders 

Yoga to relieve indigestion, gas and irritable bowel syndrome 

How to beat snoring with yoga

Yoga asanas to relieve symptoms of thyroid disorders

Control your blood pressure with yoga

 Yoga asanans to relieve neck pain

Yoga asana to relieve lower back pain

Yoga to help you live with Parkinson’s disease

Yoga poses for people infected with HIV

Schizophrenia – manage it the Yoga way

Yoga to help deal with chronic kidney disease

Yoga asana to relieve throat problems

Tara asana — try this asana to strengthen your lungs

Top 8 yoga asanas to beat asthma

 Yoga help treat my PCOS problem

Setubandhasana or the bridge pose – to keep your blood pressure under control

8 yoga asanas to help relieve a migraine headache

6 yoga asanas to relieve joint pain

Beat urinary incontinence with yoga

Yoga to balance your chakras

Yoga for better heart health

How yoga can help you cope with the cancer challenge


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