Wrinkles refer to a crease, ridge or fold in skin typically caused due to the process of ageing.  Ageing of your skin and formation of wrinkles are completely normal processes. We are often led to believe that the reason some of us age quickly and others never have a wrinkle in their lives is down to genes. This is only 20% of the truth. Studies show that people who look younger than their years lead a healthy lifestyle and eat well, exercise their bodies and their faces regularly and stay out of the sun.

Over-doing sunbathing can cause premature ageing. Sun damage can break down the collagen and elastin in the skin causing a sagging complexion. The sun can also affect the upper layer of the skin affecting the pigment and therefore causing age spots. When you go to a gym or to an exercise class and work the muscles in the body, you firm-up the body and improve skin texture and tone. The same principle applies for the face and neck. The exercises which work on muscle resistance enlarge the muscle, creating lift and promoting a firmer, more youthful-looking face. So by exercising the face you are actually building muscle fibre which reduces wrinkles.

Massage is excellent for the face if you massage it in the right way. All the techniques work with all 3 layers of the skin to ensure that none of the connective tissue is broken down. By massaging correctly you will feel your skin will have better circulation, look smoother and firmer, toxins will be removed and tension reduced. It is however important to remember to use a lighter touch on the face than on the body as the skin is thinner on the face.

There are several medical, professional treatmentshome remedies and practices you can adopt to slow down aging and the onset of wrinkles.


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