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Vitamin D

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Our body requires vitamin D for absorbing calcium, which helps in bone and teeth development. A deficiency in Vitamin D can cause rickets, in which the bones from developing properly. One of the sources of Vitamin D is sunlight, which gives it an alternate name of being called the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D deficiency is on a rise, especially in India, with doctors prescribing vitamin D supplements right since birth. Dr Ajay K Ajmani, Senior Consultant Endocrinologist, BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi says that as many as 90% Indians suffer from vitamin D deficiency and hence, it is important that not just babies, even adults start taking calcium and vitamin D supplements. It is a popular belief that drinking milk and soaking some sunlight is enough to get the required amount of vitamin D. However, the high-level of air pollution filters out the useful UVB rays, which is required for producing vitamin D. Apart from that, Indian skin is rich in melanin, which is a natural sunscreen. From a risk of prostate cancer to erectile dysfunction, deficiency of vitamin D poses many health risks. If you are wondering how to boost your vitamin D level or how its deficiency can affect you, this is the page you need to bookmark.


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