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A vasectomy is a permanent birth control measure performed on men. This procedure prevents the passage of sperm from the scrotum to the penis, thereby preventing the possibility of a man impregnating a woman.

After having a vasectomy a man can sustain a healthy erection, ejaculate and orgasm just the way he used to before the procedure. The only difference being that after a vasectomy he will not be able to impregnate a woman and have children.  It does not affect a man’s masculinity in any way.

The doctor creates a small cut in the scrotum where the vas deferens (the main tubule that carries sperm from the testis to the urethra) is present. He will then remove a small portion of the vas deferens. The tubes are either tied or cut and sealed using a cautery. The incision is closed with a few stitches.  The patient is then allowed to go home after observing him for any signs of bleeding or other side effects.

After a vasectomy a man may go home after a few hours. Initially, he should lie down flat and apply cold packs to his scrotum to help reduce the swelling and pain in the area.  He should allow approximately three days for the wound to completely heal and avoid lifting heavy objects for at least a week after the surgery. There are very few and rare complications that might arise out of this procedure. One of the most commonly seen is an infection of the incision site, congestion of sperm in the testicles, leakage of sperm from the vas deferens into the scrotum and finally the growing back of the vas deferens, reversing the surgery.  All these complications are often easily managed and treated. A man can have a vasectomy in either a private or government hospital in the country. At a government hospital a vasectomy is performed for free and the hospital receives Rs 1300 from the government for opting for the procedure. They are not to charge the patient for any material used and provide him with medication, dressing for the wound and other ancillary services for free.


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