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Pregnancy Complications

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Pregnancy complications are not just limited to pregnancy, they can happen anytime even during labour or childbirth. Usually pregnancy complications are the health problems that occur in women during pregnancy, which can affect the health of the mother, the foetus or both. For women who suffer from health conditions prior to pregnancy are more prone to develop pregnancy complications during the course of nine months. A women having a lifestyle condition like diabetes, BP, obesity, thyroid should be on an alert to avert pregnancy complications. But even for a healthy women pregnancy complications can arise at any point during the three trimesters. Whether a complication is common, rare or severe there are ways to manage the problem to avoid its menace. 

Prenatal tests and other diagnosis are done to see if the pregnancy is a healthy or high risk one. A woman with a high risk pregnancy is supposed to be more likely to suffer from pregnancy complications. But one cannot rule out the possibility for a healthy woman completely. The wise way to deal with pregnancy complication is to talk about it to your doctor and chart out your survival plan. Once it is in place follow the instructions to the core to avert troubles. 

Pregnancy complications can also turn out to be life threatening for both the mother and the baby. Problems like that of gestational diabetes can pose a threat to the baby during the birth and also be debilitating for the mother. Also developing high blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to health troubles for both the mother and the baby. 

Once cannot predict what kind of complication can mock an expecting mother and when. So the best one can do is tread the path with caution and stick of healthy habits and follow the health care advice from the doctor to be on the safer side. 


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