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Physical Activity

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Physical activity refers to any activity or movement of the body that requires muscle use and expenditure of energy. It can be simple, moderate or intense depending on the difficulty level involved and the extent to which they affect breathing pattern. Examples of simple physical activity include walking, climbing the stairs, gardening and strolling. Moderate physical activity involves brisk walking, dancing, cycling (less than 10 miles per hour) and playing outdoor games. Intense or rigorous physical activity involves running/jogging, fast walking (about 4 and half miles per hour), swimming and competitive sports like basketball and soccer. Regular physical activity has numerous health benefits. All fitness experts recommend at least 20-30 minutes of physical activity daily to keep yourself fit at your age. People who perform mild to moderate physical activity have a reduced risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and obesity. It is also associated with reduced risk of cancer, and chronic stress and depression. In this section, you will find articles on all health benefits of performing regular physical activity as well as the consequences of being physically inactive.


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