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Performance Anxiety

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A lot of men suffer from performance anxiety while having sex and it seriously hampers their performance in bed. In India, where sex is a taboo topic, this problem is even more common due to lack of sex education. 

Some of the factors that cause performance anxiety are negative body image, exaggerated expectations caused due to repeated viewings of porn, dissatisfaction with penis size, negative experiences from the past, erectile dysfunction, stress and nervousness regarding performance. There are many ways by which you can counter this - talking to your partner, improving your body image by either focussing on the parts that you like about yourself or by working out in the gym, not being worried about failure, etc. are just some of the ways to beat performance anxiety.

You could even opt to get professional help in order to deal with this problem as it could have a psychological root that you may not be able to address on your own. Stress, too is a major factor contributing to performance anxiety and can lead to many other diseases too. Taking deep breaths, meditating and eating foods that bust stress will help increase your confidence and improve your sex life too.


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