Most of us might have used painkillers at some or the other point of life to get of pain. Be it popping a pill or applying it in the gel form, painkillers are undoubtedly the first line of the defence to deal with pain. Right from headache and muscle sprain to backache and menstrual pain, painkillers are the first preference for every pain and body pain. And since they are available over-the-counter, we never think twice before popping a pill nor even consult a doctor before taking one. However, excessive intake of painkillers can lead to various health complications including putting pressure on the kidneys and liver. Here’s everything you need to know about painkillers or pain relievers. If you have a habit of popping a painkiller without even consulting a doctor, you are doing more hand than good. As long term use of painkiller can lead to kidney damage. Not just this, even popping indiscriminately Ibuprofen is found to cause numerous side-effects. Hence, it is wise to carefully monitor your intake of painkillers and think twice before popping one. Lately, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation has included Combiflam, the most commonly used OTC painkiller for toothache, headache and menstrual pain has been called off from the market as it failed to meet the quality standards for the drugs. Here’s more on is it safe to take Combiflam of poor quality?


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