Orgasm refers to the climax at the end of any sexual act resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region along with an increase in blood pressure. Along with being highly pleasurable, orgasms are also good for your health. And there’s actually an international holiday which celebrates the female orgasm! In men, it is easier to spot as it is often accompanied by ejaculated sperm. Unlike women, men need significant time before they can have another orgasm. Also, a man’s orgasm is accompanied by a series of hormones like oxytocin, serotonin and prolactin being released into the body. These hormones give men a feeling of relaxation, which makes them feel sleepy. Orgasms in women are much more complicated. The sensation of having an orgasm starts much before the actual ‘release’. When a woman is aroused her clitoris stiffens – much like a penis – and becomes more sensitive. As that feeling of pleasure increases and she is about to orgasm, there is a strong tingling and pleasurable feeling in her body (most women say that they feel it rise up from their toes and eventually, reach their clitoris and stomach). The sensation gives rise to a series of intense contractions in their vagina and uterus, making their inner thighs extremely sensitive to touch. Finally when they do orgasm there is an instant explosion of various hormones that heightens their pleasure. Interestingly a woman is capable of experiencing multiple orgasms in a single session of sex.


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