Masturbation refers to the act of manually stimulating one’s genitals for sexual pleasure, mostly to the point of orgasm. Despite various myths about masturbation, there is absolutely no scientific data to suggest that it is detrimental to one’s health or causes any sort of physical or mental disorder.

In fact, masturbation has several health benefits. According to Dr Vijayasarathi Raman, 'There are many sexual benefits associated with masturbation. It is the safest and most uncomplicated way to let out your sexual urges. It helps you learn more about your own body, become a better lover, helps the foreskin roll-over smoothly and can also prevent premature ejaculation. Many couples enjoy mutual masturbation as well.

The only problem can rise if you start masturbating compulsively and it starts affecting different facets of your life like work or studies. That’s when you should tell yourself to stop. You can set a time in a day and limit yourself to that period. The purpose of this article is not to force anyone to masturbate but to dispel and explain the many myths that are often associated with it. We are living in an era, which allows us to test our thought and beliefs. It is up to an individual to follow the beliefs or the facts. There is nothing right or wrong in either, as long as the person who follows it is happy and comfortable.'

Not only for men, but masturbation can be great for females too.



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