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Late Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of a woman's life. But one should not ignore the fact that is is a bit challenging and demanding on the body too. With age there is a lot of physiological chances that happen to the human body. A woman's body is more prone to the usual wear and tear. Age adds its own pressures and takes away the vigor and strength bit by bit from every part of the body. Add to this the demands of pregnancy, it says without explaining how health threatening and risky it can be for both the mother and the baby. 

But for many women getting pregnant early to avoid potential health risks of a late pregnancy is not an easy option. A demanding career, peer pressure, and life's normal mundane tasks keeps pushing the thought of pregnancy out of her lists. Though not all late pregnancies are high risk ones if attempted. But the probability that you might end up with potential risks with age is more. Studies suggest that woman who try to conceive in early 30s have slightly less chance to get pregnant than those trying to conceive in their late 20s. Also a pregnancy planned after 30 has certain health risks for both the mother and baby. After the age of 35 conceiving becomes a challenge. A decline in fertility accelerates post 35. Also a woman might run the risk of miscarriage, present the baby with chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities post 35. 

A woman planning for a late pregnancy would need more support and counseling as chances of  miscarriage rise in women with age and so do other pregnancy related complications. For woman planning pregnancy in their late 30s doctors might advice for more routine tests and special tests like amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling and other detailed fetal screenings to keep a tab on fetal well being and monitor the progression of the pregnancy. 

Cesarean rates are also high in pregnancies that take place after the age of 30 compared to those in 20s. The increased cesarean rates are caused due to pregnancy related problems like fetal distress or prolonged second stage of labour which are common in older mothers. Late pregnancy also takes a toll on the woman's health in general. Though there are ways in which a woman can try and plan a late pregnancy to conceive better but they don't override the related health risks that can mock a women going through a late pregnancy. 

Also if one plans to have more than one baby then planning the first pregnancy in a later age is not a good idea. Even if the perils of late pregnancy can be dodged effectively through medical help it cannot entirely promise safe pregnancy, labour and delivery. 




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