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Johnson & Johnson

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Johnson and Johnson- introduction Johnson and Johnson (J&J) has been synonymous with baby grooming since ages. It has been one of the most reliable brands, especially for products like talcum powders, soaps and lotions for newborn babies. Most Indians use J&J products widely and trust the brand so much so that they do not give a second thought before using them for their babies. However, the trustworthiness of the brand was put to test when a woman in America filed a legal suit against Johnson and Johnson as the brand’s talcum powder that she used for feminine sanitisation caused her to develop ovarian cancer. There has been one more case where Johnson and Johnson shall pay $55 million to a woman who claims to have developed ovarian cancer after using the talcum powder. This has been the second case in row, tearing down the brand image of J&J. It is not only the risk of ovarian cancer that should prevent you from using talcum, but there are other many side effects of talcum powder as well. But with cases like these where the clinically proven powders are put to test, one question that pops up in the minds of all is that is talcum good for babies and if it is not, then what can be another alternative for talcum.


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