Impotence is common parlance for erectile dysfunction or the inability to get an erect penis required for intercourse. An erection is caused by the hydraulic effect of blood entering and getting retained in the penis, and anything that disrupts this blood flow could cause erectile dysfunction.

There could be several causes for erectile dysfunction ranging from physiological causes like smoking, obesity, diabetes, etc. to psychological causes like performance anxiety, depression, etc. There are other things too like keeping your laptop on your lap that are harmful for your fertility and something that you should avoid.

Drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are used to treat the condition and they all work by increasing blood flow to your penis. The effects of these drugs last for 4-5 hours and they should be taken at least half an hour before having sex. It's critical that you consume these drugs after using a doctor's prescription as they can have several side-effects. 

Healthy lifestyles, regular exercise and eating the right foods can all help keep erectile dysfunction at bay. You could also try doing kegel exercises that work on your pelvic floor muscles and enhance your sex life. In case your ED is psychological, then you should try seeing a sex therapist. A therapist will try and get to the root of the problem and give you counselling on overcoming your condition.


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