Experts have claimed that a specific method of hypnosis, supposedly used by the likes of Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian during childbirth, could make labor pain-free. Cynthia Overgard, founder of HypnoBirthing in Connecticut, a prenatal education center, said that pain during labor is caused by fear and tension.

Hypnobirthing is a method through which a woman’s mind is programmed to be calm and composed during childbirth. This is achieved through breathing and visualization techniques which makes the mother aware of nature’s natural process. That said, it is not a technique that can be employed right at the time of childbirth. The woman must learn and practice the techniques months in advance in order to be safe and confident

Hypnosis comes in with deep breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques that can help the woman maintain a calm body and mind. During the hypnosis program, women also listen to guided relaxation to condition the mind and body to be calm and relaxed. 

HypnoBirthing childbirth preparation also gives fathers a chance to become an integral part of the pregnancy and birth. It not only helps them become a comforting birth companion, but also a companion who can protect the mother’s birthing experience from unnecessary interventions.



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