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In India most people tend to opt for alternative forms of medicine for most ailments, and one such popular one is homeopathy. With the government planning to allow homeopathic doctors to practice allopathy, there is little doubt that this form of medicine definitely something most people opt for. 

An ancient form of medicine, formulated by Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy is based on the principle of 'like cures like', where a substance that can cause an illness in a healthy person can cure one in an ailing person. Considered as a pseudoscience by many, the House of Commons Science and Technology committee pronounced that homeopathy was no better than a placebo

The founder, Samuel Hahnemann based this type of treatment based on his belief that when the human fell ill the person's body contained what he called miasms, that homeopathy could treat. Homeopathic medications are made by the repeated dilution of certain substances with either water or alcohol while being agitated. The amount a patient should be administered is based on the patient's ailment, physical and psychological state, personal traits and his/her symptoms. In most cases the substance is diluted to such an extent that very little of its original molecules remain in the solution. This is then poured on tiny, white sugar pills that are then administered to a patient. Interestingly all homeopathic medicines are called homeopathic remedies. 

In some case one may be administered the drug in a powdered form and this is usually done in the initial stages of treatment. Most doctors of homeopathy refer to books called the repertories while deciding on the type of treatment they should administer to a patient.  

Despite all the criticism homeopathy has found a number of takers. The practice is touted to help treat conditions like baldness, IBS, joint pains, nausea, mood swings, diabetes and much more. 

In this section you can read about all about homeopathy, find the latest news on the science and various conditions that it helps heal.


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