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Frizzy Hair

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Frizz – a word which reminds you of most bad hair days – is not a type of hair but a condition which affects your hair. While some are born with naturally frizzy hair, it can also be a result of how the hair is handled. If you are rough on your hair with vigorous combing, brushing when wet, using improper metal brushes, your hair tends to become more prone to breakage and hence the frizz. Lack of moisture can also cause frizz in your hair.

Your hair loses its natural moisture when you shampoo too often. This will make your hair look even more dry and frizzy.So use a mild shampoo once or twice a week. Refrain from blowing hair dry. Your towel can be abrasive and the rubbing motion can increase the chance of frizz. Instead of a towel try to use a soft cloth to pat your hair dry.

Frizzy hair has low ability to absorb water and hence it becomes dry sooner leading to split ends and breakage that halt the natural healthy growth of hair. Go for a trim every eight weeks or so to avoid split ends.

Keratin hair treatment is commonplace these days in almost all salons – big or small. It not only promises to make your hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free, it also makes it straight but not in an unnatural-looking, poker-straight strands.

Frizzy hair sure is irritating, but it does not have to be a constant nag or end your social life. Know the right tricks, use the correct products and treat your hair well, and you’re on your way to hair you’ve always dreamed of: shiny, silky and beautiful.


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