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It is important for you to stay fit during your pregnancy. Exercise has an overall positive affect on both the mother and the developing foetus. There are more than one reason for an expecting mother to start exercising. First, exercise boosts the circulation in the body aiding in better oxygen supply to the foetus. It also helps the body to deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy better and triggers the release of oxytocin in the system that keeps the stress hormones at bay. But the idea to exercise and stay fit during pregnancy is not to just be in shape or keep the weighing scales in check. The motive to exercise during pregnancy is to make sure that you can deal with the excess weight gain and the keep up with the needs of a developing foetus within. Exercising and staying fit during pregnancy also ensures that your baby gets good amount of oxygen and nutrient supply during the nine months in the womb. Exercising also helps all the organs in your body to stay in great functioning condition to help you go through the ups and downs of the pregnancy effectively. There are various benefits of exercise during pregnancy. But it is important that you know that what is right and what is not while exercising during pregnancy. Remember with a life within you are not alone anymore and responsible your your child too. So it is wise not to have any difficult exercise goals in place. Instead keep it simple, easy and achievable. Make your exercise routine pleasurable, so you feel good to spend some time doing the activity you like. You can choose from a variety of stuff like gym, outdoor exercise, yoga, swimming, running or more entertaining dancing. Pregnancy is no reason to restrict your self to the couch. Even working mums can sweat it out.  People who exercise during pregnancy are more likely to avert any complications in the later stages of pregnancy and have a smooth labour. Also preeclampsia, gestational diabetes can be put to check through proper exercises. This also restricts excessive weight gain during pregnancy and better foetal health. Babies born to mothers who exercise and stay fir during pregnancy are more agile and have less health problems during infancy and later. Exercising during pregnancy has a positive effect on babies too. 


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