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First Aid

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Accidents can happen to anyone but knowing about the first-aid can help you save a life. However, most people are clueless about what to do if a person faints, drowns or suffers an electric shock. Moreover, first aid for various health problems like high blood glucose, low blood sugar or heart attack, is not known by many. So to help you out in knowing everything about first aid – right from what your first-aid kit should contain to first aid for choking in infants and toddlers, BOOKMARK this page for articles on first-aid. First aid for health problems: First-aid for asthma attacks: Known as FAFAA (first aid for asthma attacks), it is three step process that involves determining the stage of the attack, intervention and prevention of escalation. Knowing about it can be extremely helpful in case of emergencies. First-aid for low blood pressure: Did you know licking salt is the best way to increase your blood pressure? For more such effective tips and first-aid for low blood pressure, click on the link. First aid tips for hypoglycaemia or low blood glucose: Although not quite common, low blood glucose can lead to brain damage if proper care is not taken. So as you take a person to a nearby hospital, there are few things you must do to prevent further worsening of the condition.  Click on the link to know more about first aid tips for diabetic emergencies. First aid for heart attack: If a person suffers a heart attack, take him to the hospital within an hour or 90 minutes to prevent any complications. Also, things like giving the person aspirin, loosening the clothes and not making them lie down flat should be kept in mind. Here are few more first aid steps you must know. First-aid and treatment options for fractures: Whatever might be the cause of a fracture, it is important to look for any physical signs like swelling and bleeding and start treating the same. And before you consult your doctor about the severity of the fractures, click on the like to know more. First aid for burns and dog bites to road accidents and electric shock First aid for heatstroke: Heatstroke is quite common during summers and is a serious health concern. While you are on the way to the hospital, following first-aid steps can help you to mitigate the overall effect. First aid for choking in adults: Most people might be aware of first aid for choking in infant and toddlers but unsure about what to do, if an adult chokes. Right from recognizing the person to following first-aid tips like coughing, blowing, thrusting and CPR, this section explains everything in detail. Click on the links to know more about first aid for common injuries:


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