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Family Planning

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It is most usually applied to a female-male couple who wish to limit the number of children they have and/or to control the timing of pregnancy. Family planning may encompass sterilization, as well as abortion. Raising a child means significant investment of a financial, temporal, emotional and physical nature. The purpose of family planning is to ensure that every couple can satisfactorily raise a child without any deficiency of vital resources.

The most common and followed guidelines make sure that the mother as well as the child in question remain healthy and enjoy the facilities they deserve. The age of the mother should be above the legal limit of 18 years. A minimum gap of 2 years should be maintained between consecutive childbirths. In the occurrence if a miscarriage or abortion, a minimum period of 6 months should pass before the couple decides to attempt another pregnancy.

In the case of women who plan to give birth when they are above 35 years of age, there are certain risks, she should be made aware of. The chances of multiple births, a child with autism, Down’s syndrome becomes more prevalent. Gestational Diabetes has a higher chance of developing. Similarly, the amount of time she will have to endure labour increases with age. This might spell trouble for the mother as well as the child.

Contraception, birth control, sterilisation, adoption, abortion are all activities broadly covered by Family Planning.


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