Exam Stress

Exams can be tough time for most students as well as their parents. As the date draws in closer, and the portion still left uncovered seems enormous, a lot of students feel depressed and anxious. The rising pressure from parents and teachers alike only seems to worsen the condition. Even students who do not study throughout the whole year, suddenly seem to open their eyes to the hard work that lies ahead of them and become stressed and worried. 

While, a little stress is necessary for students to motivate themselves to study, excess of it is bad - both physically and mentally. Eating healthy, not drinking too much coffee, getting enough sleep, revising what you've already learnt are just some of the things you can do to beat exam related stress. Besides these, students should also make an effort to plan out a study time-table that they can stick to. Constant effort will ensure that they don't have too much on their plate before the examination day. 

In case, the student has not studied enough then he/she must not sacrifice on sleep to make up for last time. Inadequate sleep will make them forget what they already know and that can affect how they write their exams. Failure is not fatal, and there is always a next time when they can work hard from the beginning of the term itself. 

Eating foods like eggs, fish, nuts, green leafy vegetables, fruits, etc. are just some of the foods that students should eat during their examination days. 


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